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Taking out your plan

Within 5 working days of receiving your paperwork, Ecclesiastical Planning Services will send you a Certificate of Entitlement confirming your plan details.

The Certificate of Entitlement comes complete with practical information for your relatives or executor on what they should do at the time of the funeral and a place to store your personal information.

Everything is designed to make things as easy as possible for your family and friends.

A Code of Practice

Ecclesiastical Planning Services is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority and is bound by the Code of Practice for funeral plans, which ensures:

  • Fair terms and conditions for the customer.
  • Security of funds – with strict controls over the custodianship and regular monitoring by independent experts.
  • A procedure for independent arbitration of complaints.

A full copy of the code of practice is available on request.

This plan complies with the requirements of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

Our Plans...


  • When my husband passed away last year it was a difficult time but it helped me considerably because he had taken out a Shropshire funeral plan

  • The plan covered everything we had thought about

  • The local funeral director was friendly and professional

  • This has taken many worries from my mind

  • All the advice given was made very clear and in a manner I could completely understand