Provided by Ecclesiastical Planning Services

At C. J. Williams, we are all proud of the fact that our company has remained an independent family business since its foundation 150 years ago.

Over the past few years, mainly due to personal recommendation and expansion of our town, we have grown considerably, enabling us to provide what we believe to be some of the finest facilities within our profession, which are at your complete disposal.

If given the privilege to act on your behalf during your time of bereavement, members of qualified staff will do their utmost to attend to all details, however small, to ensure that arrangements are carried out both efficiently and sensitively to your complete satisfaction.

Carol, Simon & Louise Williams


  • When my husband passed away last year it was a difficult time but it helped me considerably because he had taken out a Shropshire funeral plan

  • The plan covered everything we had thought about

  • The local funeral director was friendly and professional

  • This has taken many worries from my mind

  • All the information was made very clear and in a manner I could completely understand