Provided by Ecclesiastical Planning Services

My Funeral Requests

Should you decide not to take out a funeral plan at this time, we are pleased to offer the facility of ‘My Funeral Requests’ whereby you are able to record every detail for your funeral service and place this record with your chosen Shropshire Funeral Plan funeral director.

We will acknowledge receipt of your instructions and hold them in safekeeping until they are required.

We will also send you a certificate as a record of your instructions, together with a printed envelope ‘IN THE EVENT OF MY DEATH’ into which you might place any useful information, photograph or instructions to make things easier for your next of kin to fulfil your wishes. You should make your next of kin aware of where this information is kept in order that it may be easily found.  

Specify your requirements

Data Protection Act 1998 - Each Shropshire Funeral Plan member (as the data controller) will always act responsibly with your personal data. We will use your personal information to process the plan and will forward your details to the whole of life assurance policy provider to which your plan is linked. Your selected funeral director will also keep details of your application to carry out the plan when the time comes.


  • When my husband passed away last year it was a difficult time but it helped me considerably because he had taken out a Shropshire funeral plan

  • The plan covered everything we had thought about

  • The local funeral director was friendly and professional

  • This has taken many worries from my mind

  • All the information was made very clear and in a manner I could completely understand