Provided by Ecclesiastical Planning Services

A local service for
local people

Established a decade ago by independent Shropshire family funeral directors for the people of Shropshire.

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Giving you peace
of mind

Regarding your funeral requirements, you are assured that your Shropshire Funeral Plan will afford you peace of mind.

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Your plan

Your funeral pre-payment is held in a whole of life assurance policy.

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Our established

Shropshire Funeral Plan members are all local funeral professionals who will guide you with the utmost care and expertise.

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Why should we think about paying for our own funeral?

The advantage of a prepayment plan over a savings account or life insurance policy is that you can secure the cost of the funeral director's services and make a contribution towards third party costs. The Funeral Director's fees will be paid by Ecclesiastical Planning Services at the time of the funeral.

Terms and conditions apply to funeral plans - please ask for details. For more information on our members, please see details below.


  • When my husband passed away last year it was a difficult time but it helped me considerably because he had taken out a Shropshire funeral plan

  • The plan covered everything we had thought about

  • The local funeral director was friendly and professional

  • This has taken many worries from my mind

  • All the information was made very clear and in a manner I could completely understand