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Direct Cremation Plan

No funeral service involved

  • Collection of your body from the place of death within the local area.
  • Guiding your relatives or executors on the registration of the death.
  • Taking care of your body until the Direct Cremation takes place.
  • Supplying a coffin suitable for Direct Cremation.
  • Attending to all the necessary arrangements and providing the funeral team on the day.
  • Supplying a closed hearse.
  • The strewing of cremated remains (‘ashes’) at the crematorium – or, collection from the crematorium for private strewing.
  • A contribution towards other expenses or ‘disbursements’, such as the crematorium fee and the fee for medical certificates for cremation, is also included in this plan.
  • Prices quoted include £1,055 towards disbursements and a £250 management fee.
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Direct Cremation Plan

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  • When my husband passed away last year it was a difficult time but it helped me considerably because he had taken out a Shropshire funeral plan

  • The plan covered everything we had thought about

  • The local funeral director was friendly and professional

  • This has taken many worries from my mind

  • All the advice given was made very clear and in a manner I could completely understand